Students of Szent István University, Buda Campus - Faculty of Horticultural Sciences, Faculty of Food Science, Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning - are accommodated in the Somogyi Imre Hostel and Szent Gellért Hostel. We can provide 367 dormitory places for our students.

Somogyi Imre Dormitory
1118 Budapest, Szüret street 2-18.
Szent Gellért Dormitory
1114 Budapest, Fehérvári street 13.
Ms. Ildikó Fedor - dormitory coordinator   
Tel.: +36-1-305-7680
Adress: Somogyi Imre Dormitory
1118 Budapest, Szüret street 2-18. 1. floor
Mr. Gábor Kalmár - dormitory administrator
Tel.: +36-1-305-7581
Cím: Somogyi Imre Dormitory
1118 Budapest, Szüret street 2-18. 1. floor

Dormitory Documents

Ingoing letter Somogyi Dormitory 2019 autumn

Information for the moving out

Application form to move out

Contract for Dormitory Accomodation

General Terms and Conditions

Further information

Hostel prices


Number of
students per room)

Level of comfort

(students with state scholarship /state support)

Szent Gellért Hostel



11,650 HUF



9,300 HUF

Somogyi Imre Hostel


student hostel

17,000 HUF

Surplus fees
Hostel IT Services Guests
Somogyi Imre Hostel 1,500 HUF / semester 1,000 HUF / person / night


How do students gain admission to the hostels? 

Admission is based on social, academic and community criteria. Students may submit an application through the Neptun system. 

For what period may students apply? 

Students may apply for a 5-month or 10 month placement in a dormitory. 

Can you choose your roommate? 

Yes, you may state your preference in an email, ten days before moving in. 

Who cleans the dormitories? 

Common spaces are cleaned by the operator, while the rooms are cleaned by the students themselves. 

Are guests allowed in the dormitory? 

Yes, you may bring guests to the dormitory if you do not disturb your roommate. At the Somogyi Imre Hostel, the visitor fee is 1.000 HUF / person / night, if the guest stay in the room after 11pm. At the Szent Gellért Hostel guests cannot stay overnight. 

How far is the hostel from the university buildings?

The Somogyi Hostel is in the Buda Arboretum; university buildings are within a walking distance. The Szent Gellért Hostel is at aten minute-walk or two tram stops from the Campus. 

How can you get to the hostels?

Both hostels are close to Móricz Zsigmond square. The Szent Gellért Hostel is a 3-minute-walk from the square, while the Somogyi Imre Hostel can be reached by bus number 27 in 10 minutes. 

What kind of shops are nearby? 

The Allee shopping centre (Interspar), Spar, Lidl and the Fehérvári street covered market are close to Móricz Zsigmond square. There are many restaurants, fast food places, banks, ATMs and drugstores in the vicinity.